Cochin, Kerala

Cochin, Kerala

Kerala India

Kochi (also known as Cochin) is a city in southwest India's coastal Kerala state. It has been a port since 1341, when a flood carved out its harbor and opened it to Arab, Chinese and European merchants. Sites reflecting those influences include Fort Kochi, a settlement with tiled colonial bungalows and diverse houses of worship. Cantilevered Chinese fishing nets, typical of Kochi, have been in use for centuries.

Popularly known as the Queen of Arabian Sea, the city also flaunts one of the finest natural harbours of the world and was the centre of the world spice trade for many centuries. Old Kochi (presently called West Kochi), loosely refers to a group of islands which comprise Willingdon Island, Fort Kochi, Mattancherry etc. The city derives its name from the Malayalam word Kochazhi meaning small lagoon.

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St. Francis Church

St. Francis Church, in Fort Kochi (Fort Cochin), Kochi, originally built in 1503, is one of the oldest European churches in India and has great historical significance as a mute witness to the European colonial struggle in the subcontinent. The Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama died in Kochi in 1524 when he was on his third visit to India. His body was originally buried in this church, but after fourteen years his remains were removed to Lisbon.

Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica

The Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica at Fort Kochi is one of the eight Basilicas in Kerala. Counted as one of the heritage edifices of Kerala, this church is one of the finest and most impressive churches in India and visited by tourists the whole year round. It is a place of devotion as well as a center of historic significance, endowed with architectural and artistic grandeur and colours of the gothic style.

It was built originally by the Portuguese and elevated to a Cathedral by Pope Paul IV in 1558, was spared by the Dutch conquerors who destroyed many Catholic buildings. Later the British demolished the structure and João Gomes Ferreira [pt] commissioned a new building in 1887. Consecrated in 1905, Santa Cruz was proclaimed a Basilica by Pope John Paul II in 1984.

Dharmanath Jain Temple of Mattancherry

Bhagavan Shri Dharmanath Jain Temple is a famous Jain temple located in Matancherry, Cochin in the state of Kerala. Jainism came to Kerala in the 3rd century after Chandragupta Maurya travelled to Shravanbelagola in Karnataka. Their followers travelled further South to Tamil Nadu and Kerala in search of places of solitude for their penances and meditations. Some of the local Kings also offered royal patronage to Jainism. The temple is dedicated to Lord Dharmanath the 15th Tirthankar.

Lulu Mall

Touted as one of the largest malls in India, you will find everything under the sun at LuLu Mall. From high fashion international brands such as Adidas, Aeropostale and Ajmal to everyday household items, this mall is a one-stop solution for all your shopping needs. The LuLu Hypermarket inside the mall is its biggest attraction, where people from not just all over the city, but across the state visit to buy products ranging from food and household objects to tools and electronics.

Chottanikkara Temple

The Chottanikkara (correction of Jyotiannakkara) Devi Temple is a famous temple of mother goddess Lakshmi Devi known as Sree Bhagavathi. Lakshmi is believed to be residing in Chottanikkara along with Supreme Deity Lord Maha Vishnu. The temple is located at Chottanikkara, a southern suburb of the city of Kochi in the state of Kerala, India. In terms of temple architecture, Chottanikkara temple stands out to be an ultimate testimonial for the ancient vishwakarma sthapathis (wooden sculpture) along with Sabarimala temple. Sree Mahamaya Bhagawati (Aadiparashakthi), the goddess of power, is one of the most popular deities in Kerala and the supreme mother goddess in Hinduism.

Chottanikkara Devi is worshipped at the temple, in three different forms: as Maha Saraswati in the morning, draped in white; Maha Lakshmi at noon, draped in crimson; and as Maha Kali in the evening, decked in blue. Supreme lord Shiva, Ganesh & Lord Dharmasastha (Ayyappa) is also worshiped at the temple. 

Kerala Folklore Museum

Kerala Folklore Museum is basically an architectural gallery, comprising the reconstruction of around 25 traditional, heritage buildings from different parts of Kerala. We made the main structure with help of the above dismantled buildings to make the biggest architectural installation of Kerala. This huge architectural installation is based on 3 architectural schools of Kerala namely Malabar architecture, Cochin & Travancore architectural schools. The whole wood art installation was completed with the help of 62 traditional carpenters over a period of 7.5 years. Kerala Folklore Museum is trying and helping the visitors and enthusiasts to obtain basic information regarding the traditional architectural elements from Kerala. The Museum provides an architectural gallery from wooden flooring to ceiling, and up to roofing tile of the ancient constructions. For more information about traditional architecture, please contact the museum curator.

Edappally Church Complex

St. George's Syro Malabar Forane Church, locally known as Edapally Church is a Catholic pilgrimage church in Edapally, Kochi, India. Asia's largest shrine to Saint George, about five million people visit it every year. The church is thought to have been founded in 593 AD. It is regarded as one of the oldest churches in Kerala, after the seven churches founded by Thomas the Apostle in the first century AD.

The church was originally dedicated to the Virgin Mary (Marth Mariam). St. George's Forane Church, north-east of Kochi, is 500 metres from the intersection of NH 66 and NH 544. The nearest airport is Cochin International Airport in Nedumbassery, about 22 km from the church. The Edappally railway station is 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) away. Kochi Metro, the city's rail network, runs in front of the church.

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