Jal Mahotsav MP

Jal Mahotsav MP

Madhya Pradesh India

The Jal Mahotsav was organized by MP Tourism at Dec 2020to February 2021 at Hanumantiya Tapu, Khandwa, MP. During the festival, many activities are undertaken by the tourism department here, such as kite flying, volleyball, campfire, star gazing, cycling, paramotoring, parasailing, hot air balloon, bird watching, etc.

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Hanumantiya Tapu is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Khandwa for its water activities. Recently, the place has been developed as a great sightseeing adventure by the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Development Centre. Being located at a distance of 47 kilometers from the mainland of Khandwa, reaching Hanumantiya Tapu is now more accessible with well-developed transportation routes.

The Jal Mahotsav have many activities as
Land Activities : Yoga Camp, Bullock Cart, Volley Ball, Tug of war, Cycling, Kite flying, Adventure Zone, Camp fir

Water Activities Wind surfing, Parasailing, Water Skiing, Jet Skiing, Banana Ride, Water Zorbing, Motor Boat, Cruise Boat

Air Activities Hot Air Ballooning, Parasailing, Para Motoring, Star Gazing

Island Activities Bird Watching, Treasure Hunt, Trekking, Night Camping

Tourist attraction at Hanumantiya Tapu and many locals of the nearby villages and other places like Nagchun Dam, Ghantaghar, Dada Dhuni Wale Darbar, Gauri Kunja, Tulja Bhavani Mata Temple, Nav Chandni Devi Dham, Indira Sagar Dam, and Sailani Island are some other key attractions of Khandwa.

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Also read:

Nagchun Dam

Nagchun Dam is a picnic spot located about 7 km north of Khandwa near Nagchun village, in Khandwa District of Madhya Pradesh. Khandwa is about 180 km south-east of Indore.

Nagchun Dam is the main source for irrigation in Khandwa. Surrounding dense plantation adds to the charm of this beauteous spot. Khandwa Railway Station on the Mumbai-Delhi route is the nearest railhead.


Ghantaghar is one of the important landmarks in the town of Khandwa. This Ghantaghar is also called the Clock Tower of Multan. It was constructed in 1884 by the British during their rule in India.

The main purpose of this building was to serve as an office after the Municipal Act of 1883. The construction started on 12th February 1884, and the tower took 4 years to be completed. In fact, it was built over the remnants of the Haveli of Ahmad Khan Sadozai which was destroyed in the Seige of Multan.

The Clock Tower was then called Northbrook Tower after the viceroy of India of that time (1872-1876). The hall of the Ghantaghar, which was called The Ripon Hall, was renamed Jinnah Hall after India gained independence. Read more at: https://www.nativeplanet.com/khandwa/attractions/ghanta-ghar/#overview

Dada Dhuni Wale Darbar

Dada Darbar is a Hindu Temple in Khandwa, Nimar region, Madhya Pradesh, India. It is named after Dadaji Dhuniwale. Dada Darbar is built at the memorial place of Dadaji Dhuniwale. There are innumerable devotees of ‘Dadaji’ in India. There are twenty-seven Dham's in India and abroad in the name of Dadaji Dhuniwale. 

This place holds high importance owing to its sorrow healing feature. Locals of the neighboring regions believe that the area is highly spiritual to put a permanent end to all your sorrows.

Maa Tulja Bhavani Mata Temple

The famous Bhavani Mata temple of Khandwa is located near Dhuniwale Dadaji's court. This temple is dedicated to Mata Tulja Bhavani. This temple is located in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh. This is the ancient temple of Khandwa where there is a crowd of devotees saying that Lord Rama came to this place during his exile and here he did penance for nine days. A fair is held here for nine days in Navratri, which is visited by thousands of people every year to see and see the mother. It is believed that every wish is fulfilled at the rate of Mother Bhavani.

Maa Navchandi Devidham Temple

This temple is the latest temple in Khandwa Khandwa Rameshwar Chhetra dedicated to Mata Navchandi Mata where Kalimata Temple is established along with Mata's temple as well as Lord Shiva's temple.It is a beautiful religious temple which is situated at a distance of about 3 km from the railway station. This is where a huge fair is also organized on Mahashivaratri.

Omkareshwar gurudwara

This gurudwara was built after the arrival of Omkareshwar of Nanakdev. This Gurudwara, built to show respect to Nanakdev, is full of followers of Sikh and Hinduism. Omkareshwar railway station is the nearest railway station here.

Kajal Rani Cave

It is a beautiful picnic spot about 9 km from Omkareshwar. Beautiful views of the surrounding area can be seen from here. Satamatrika cave is located near Kajal Rani cave. The period from July to March is considered most suitable for visiting here.

Virkhala Rook

Veerakhala is an ancient temple situated on the eastern side of the Omkareshwar hills. It is believed that since ancient times, human sacrifice was made here to please Bhairav, the incarnation of Shiva, which was abolished in the British period. There is a temple of Kunti Mata near the hill.

Clock tower

Clock tower is a place 1 kilometer from Khandwa railway station. Surajkund, Padmakund, Bhimakund and Rameshwar are the four sacred pools here. Dada Dhuni Wale's Samadhi, Turja Bhawani Temple and Nav Chandi Devi Gham are also popular holy places here.

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